Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Lip Enhancement Techniques

Lip enhancement is seen by many the ideal way to achieve fuller and sumptious lips that perhaps you weren't born with naturally. Everyone associates fuller lips with being young and beautiful and unfortunately as people age this fullness tends to disappear causing them to look thin and puckered. The shinking of the lips can be really depressing to women who want to hold onto their youth and the sight of lines and wrinkles can horrify many.

However it isn't necessarily just the female race who are looking for fuller lips. Sometimes even men feel a bit down about their lips and hence they want to lip enhancement so that they become more attractive and youthful.

Because lips are made from soft tissue, when a man or woman starts to age the volume of the lips shrink because of the tissue shrinking.

When you start to reseach the topic of lip enhancement you will see that there are a number of options available to you. The one which many people are familiar with because they've seen it on TV is bovine collagen which come under the brand names of Zyderm® Radiance®, Artecoll®, CosmoDerm®, Restylane® and Zyplast®. There is also collagen which comes from humans and you will see that there is the brand ComoPlast®. You should find out whether you should have a skin test for these injections.

If you want to know how long the inexpensive lip augmentation procedure takes, well, it's really only just a few minutes however some people find that the injections are not very comfortable to have and might even be a bit painful. You need to understand that this is not a cheap option by far simply because you will need to have repeat injections if you want to maintain your fuller lips. The side effects that can occur are basically just redness, swelling and itching. You may or may not find that this is enough to put you off having the procedure to enhance your lips.

If you are looking for permanent lip enhancement then there are again some more options available to use. Fat can be removed from other parts of your body and injected into your lips. The fat often will come from your stomach or bottom. When the fat has been removed from that area, it is then washed before being injected into your lips. Although this is a safe method, the problem that can typically arise is that the fact is then reabsorbed into the body which means your lips won't look so nice.

There is Gortex which we normally associate with waterproof outdoor wear. Basically there are strips of this Gortex placed into your lips. Although it certainly does make your lips look fuller, there is the risk that they will feel hard rather than soft and supple. If you find that this is the case, the unfortunate problem is that you will find it pretty muc impossible to have the Gortex removed because of the fact that your lip's tissue will grow around the Gortex implant. Other complications that can arise include infection and lack of symmetry.

You might also have noticed that there have been a number lip enhancement lipsticks and glosses on the market which claim to be able to beautify your lips. You will also notice that the prices charged for such products can vary enormously from just a few dollars to tens of dollars. The problem however is that they don't always live up to their claims and actually can cause problems such as burning.

You will see that some cosmetic companies claim to use natural ingredients in their products however you need to be aware that any product you use topically on yout lips aren't going to work anywhere near as good as injections or implants. It might actually be that the products are choosen to irritate the lips causing them to swell. This isn't the sort of lip augmentation you should choose.

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