Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Lip augmentation surgery is big news especially when we live in such a celebrity-led culture that we do. We can't seem to be able to escape from photos of perfect looking people and it's not always fair. You know, so many of these celebrities have either undergone cosmetic surgery or their photo has been enhance via a graphics software package. It's difficult to know what "real" women look like. However if you still feel that you need lips which are fuller and plumper then you should really have a look at lip enhancement. You should always look at all the options available and get advice from as many sources as possible.

It's very difficult for women to stay looking like their in their twenties. Once they read about 35 or so, signs of aging start to appear, whether it be gray hairs or reduced size of lips. It's very difficult to face up to the fact that old age is starting to creep in and in this day and age we don’t have to just sit back and learn to accept it. There are so many different best price cosmetic treatments and this is no different when we talk about the lips. Not only is lip enhancement used to make the physical size of the lips bigger, it is used to get rid of those lines that have a tendancy to appear around the lips.

However the most basic knowledge you should have about low cost lip enhancement is that there are permanent and non-permanent options. The temporary option is inexpensive collagen injections but the collagen just gets absorbed into the tissues of your body meaning it wear off over a period of some months. However for a permanent solution you really need to look at implants.

Fat cells can be taken from either your bum or stomach and then injected into your lips by your cosmetic surgeon. This is a really great method but is not 100% permanent because often it's reabsorbed into the body just like the collagen. There are other types of cheapest implants too however.

Gortex is a really permanent lip enhancement option because of the way it is made. However problems can arise because it's a foreign object and the body might reject it. Also, it can be difficult to remove so once in there it's highly unlikely you'll be able to get it back out if you decided you didn't like the appearance you got from it.

SoftForm lip implants are created from ePTFE and come in the shape of a tube.The reason it's in the form of a tube is to allow the tissues to grow into it better meaning that the tube stays in place and there is less chance of it moving around. The next generation of SoftForm lip implants are Ultrasoft. Apparently they are three times more soft in comparison to its predecessor.

AlloDerm® is an implant made from human skin that has been donated. It's both soft and pliable and due to the fact that it is human you will find that you won't have an allergic reaction to it. It might not appeal to you to have donated human skin in your lips but be assured that the process is strickly regulated by the FDA.

Make sure you read up about all the methods for lip enhancement because you need to be aware that no method is 100% perfect. Some will give you the results you desire but only for a short time. Whilst other methods may be longer lasting but give you side-effects that you are not happy with. Discount lip enhancement surgery might not have as many risks as other types of surgery but this doesn't mean you should take the matter lightly.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this informative post !!

Lip enhancement

smita sharma said...

I had Lip augmentation many years ago and they still look completely natural.I got them to balance my upper lip with my lower one . They have never caused any problems and i would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about the surgery.